Disable Touchpad On Your Laptop

Disable touchpad

With this simple trick, you can Disable touchpad of your laptop automatically every time a mouse is connected. Many of today’s laptops incorporate a button to disable touchpad of the laptop whenever we want. It’s as simple as pressing it to stop working or to work again. However, there are times when it is confusing and we do not know when it is deactivated or when it is activated. Therefore, it is best to block

Microsoft Rewards: What it is, how to Participate and Get Points

Microsoft Rewards

We will explain what Microsoft Rewards is and how it works, also mentioning how you can get points with it and how to start participating. It is a Microsoft rewards program for all its users, and among the countries where it is active are Spain and Mexico. The concept is simple, earn points interacting with Microsoft tools and exchange them for gifts. So that everything is clear, we will start explaining what exactly this program is,