Customer Service: Factors, Tips, Role & Strategies

Customer service refers to all actions implemented for customers before, during and after the purchase. Also known as customer service, it is done to meet the satisfaction of a product or service.

This process involves several stages and factors. We do not refer exclusively to the moment when a customer makes a purchase, but what happens before, during and after the acquisition of a product or use of a service.

Customer Service

A good service to the customer does not only answer questions from the client but help him when he has not even asked for our help, you need to anticipate and meet their needs effectively. There are other aspects such as kindness, quality and warmth that will also influence the service offered.

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Factors that Influence Customer Service

The way we interact with our customers is very important to achieve a better customer experience, which is nothing more than providing a good service or product and that we meet your expectations.

Factors of Customer Service

Otherwise, if we provide a bad service or sell a product that does not meet what the customer expected, the only thing we cause is a bad experience that translates into low sales, loss of customers and a bad reputation by word of mouth, which can also cause those who are not yet our customers, prefer to go to the competition.

To provide a good service, you have to create a bond with the customer, in order to achieve a lasting relationship, build trust, make the customer loyal to our brand, product or service. The important thing here is that the client leaves satisfied and feels that their needs have been met.

Tips to have Satisfied Customers

The image of a brand depends on its customer service, the consumer judges a service as a whole. Customer relationships don’t just depend on the marketing team. Salesforce management also plays an important role in customer service. The attitude, training and communication of employees influence the perception of the service provided.

If the client is happy with what we offer, he will surely return again and again, he will recommend us with his friends, family or acquaintances. This takes time, but you have to work on it daily and it obviously requires investment, both of time, money and effort.

With technological advances both clients and companies have more opportunities to be communicated with each other, interact and know what the client thinks, thinks or wants. Therefore, the companies that stand out from others are those that have email support, telephone or web support, chat, online surveys or social networks, and use them to provide service before, during and after a purchase, for example to through a post-sale survey.

Tips for Customers Service

Here are some recommendations that will help you provide better customer service:

1. Identify Dissatisfied Customers

Questions from a customer feedback survey can be short, single selection, multiple selections or open.

Unique selection questions such as NPS give you a quick idea of ​​whether the customer will be a promoter, passive or detractor of your brand. With this method, you can identify “at-risk” customers whose comments can cause them to leave if they are not considered.

2. Measure and Monitor Customer Satisfaction

You can analyze the customer experience over a certain time, by conducting periodic surveys and monitoring the qualifications they grant.

If you are listening to your clients and working on what they say, you will gradually improve the service and increase your NPS score.

3. Set goals and evolve

With questions about the quality of products and services, delivery, support, user experience, etc., a company can analyze customer service at a more precise level and gain valuable knowledge of it.

Feedback can match the objectives and track if the results are in the right direction. In addition, it can be useful when creating business strategies and efforts to meet customer needs.

4. Rate and reward your customer

Customer feedback can help you find out who is the most loyal. While filling out a survey, you can let them know how long it will take them to complete it. This will give the impression that you value your time.

5. Automate processes

Through a survey software, you can send an invitation email to an automated survey every time someone makes a purchase or a contact is added to CRM.

Use the feedback responses to initiate automated marketing emails from customers or internal notifications to your team.

The Role of Employees in Customer Service

The face of the company is the employees, they are the ones who are really in direct contact with the customers, who obtain, first hand, the opinions and reactions to our brand, product or service. Therefore it is important that they are in constant training to provide the best service and also that they know what they sell or the service they offer.

Improve Service

Customer service representatives must be:

  • Accessible with customers
  • Be well informed
  • Act with courtesy and kindness
  • Have listening and patience skills
  • Willingness to solve customer problems or complaints

If an employee does not treat a client well, is indifferent or has a bad attitude towards the needs of the client, it can cause him to leave annoying and not return. Employees are also one of the reasons why customers are lost and it can also be the reason why consumers remain using a product or service because if they get a good service they feel heard and valued. Hence the importance of knowing their needs, of doing research to know them in-depth.

Measuring customer satisfaction is essential for the operation of a successful company. Online surveys allow customers to provide feedback on the service they receive and suggest areas for improvement.

Remember also that part of that good work that employees grant, has to do with how committed they are to the company they work with, so that the work environment, motivation, loyalty and inspiration of employees, certainly have an impact on this point.

If we also have happy employees, we will take a big step towards productivity, more profits, new product launches, new customers and so it continues to grow and reach new goals.

Strategies to Improve your Customer Service

The most common is that there is a bad service caused by the lack of customer service. When emails, phone calls are not answered, sellers make bad gestures when serving a customer in an establishment, offers are not respected, in short, all this affects the sales you can have and also the reputation of the business.

Strategies for Improve of your Customer Service

Here are some strategies you can follow to give better customer service:

Listen to the Client

It is obvious that it is best to listen to the client, give them personalized attention, offer more than they expect, make decisions always thinking about improving our service or product. In the long run, this is cheaper and the best marketing campaign to achieve the desired sales and achieve our goals.

Apply Satisfaction Surveys

To provide an excellent service, it is necessary to know how the client feels with our brand, product or service, and thus use that information to act and create work plans that benefit the retention and better customer experience.

Build Trust in the Customer

Building a bond of trust with the customer is key, not only is it enough that he feels at first attracted to your product or service, that is an excellent start, but for you to get customer loyalty, to return again and again, it is necessary to create good experiences, not only when you look for them or need them, but anticipate their needs and ensure that customer loyalty remains.

Define the Correct Customer Service KPIs

To optimize both the satisfaction rate of its customers and the use of your human resources, it is absolutely vital to have an accurate list of performance indicators of your customer service. Having KPIs will help you observe the positive or negative impact of your initiatives. Measuring the performance of your business will give you a more objective idea of ​​the weaknesses and strengths of your customer service. Thanks for Reading this article on Windows Call.