Enable Hey Cortana on Windows 10

Many users, after installing Windows 10 on their computers, immediately rush to look for the very Cortana, about whom they are so much (and dreamed) since the first rumors about the future OS appeared.

By the way, if someone else is not up to date, then Cortana is the so-called personal voice assistant, in many ways similar to Apple-like Siri, but only for Windows computers, that too in English Language only.

Nevertheless, Cortana can do a lot: after the magical “Hey Cortana,” she will tell you about the weather, set up a reminder, send an e-mail, and the file you need on your computer will find anything on the Internet. And she knows how to poison jokes.

How to Enable Cortana in Windows 10

One of Cortana’s main functions is voice control. It is constantly improving through neural networks and machine learning. It’s clear that it’s not possible to communicate freely with Cortana as a person now, but she is quite able to cope with her tasks. If the system could not parse the phrase you said, you can specify it in a special text field. This feature will be especially useful for beginners who have not used the Microsoft operating system before.

However, there is an important nuance. The fact is that, as a real voice assistant, Cortana is controlled without hands and only reacts strictly to voice commands that follow the initiating phrase “Hey, Cortana”. But by default in the system, the voice assistant function is not activated, i.e. for Cortana to speak, the feature must first be turned on.

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How to Enable Hey Cortana in Windows 10?

It’s not hard:

  • To enable “Hey Cortana” click on the search icon in the taskbar.
  • when the search box opens, click on the laptop icon located on the screen on the left.
  • Next, click the settings icon.
  • After that a window will open in which you either find a button that includes the Hey Cortana command, it will look like this.
Enabling Hey Cortana
  • or, if you still did not believe that Cortana is not supported by everyone and not everywhere, then you can also find other options as shown in the above picture.

In the first case, you simply move the slider to “On” position and then whenever you need Cortana’s help, just say “Hey Cortana” and then ask or command, according to the situation.

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Disabling Cortana

Disabling the voice assistant is easy.

  • To do this, just go to the system settings and find there a section called “Privacy”.
  • Speech, inking and typing tab.
  • Go into it and there click Stop to now me.
  • After that, Cortana will become inaccessible, and you can safely go about your business until you want to turn it on again.

Enabling Cortana Tutorial

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