Important News of Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The next big update of Windows 10 is just around the corner which is 1809, initially known as Redstone 5 and currently as of October 2018 Update, follows the same formula of the first major update of the year ( Windows 10 April 2018 Update ) and brings us a long series of improvements and important news.

Its arrival is raised as the name implies, for October of this year, but as usual, there will be those who receive it first then others as it is released progressively. However, it is important to install the latest cumulative updates before making the leap, and in the meantime, we will summarize your most interesting news.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The Dark Theme of Windows Explorer

Undoubtedly one of the most striking and expected news by Windows users since almost the beginning of time. Finally, Windows will have a file browser with a dark theme.

Dark Mode

Although Windows 10 already has a dark theme for much of the interface and can be applied in a large part of the applications, an extremely important one that has always lacked the option is the browser. Although it does exist, it does not mean that everyone will like it, but there it will be.

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Your Phone

One of the novelties most promoted by Microsoft has been its new app Your Phone to pass photos from your mobile to Windows 10 in the most painless way possible. It is basically the convergence that never came with Windows Phone but now inherits the users of iOS and Android.

Your Phone App
Credits: Engadget

And they are not just photos, we can also link the mobile to Windows 10 to see our SMS, notifications and interact with the three. We can send files from the desktop to the mobile or insert images that we have on the mobile directly in Windows 10 apps such as Office.

Luxury Clipboard

One of my favorite novelties in the October update is the new features of the Windows 10 clipboard. Now it will become a much more powerful tool, with cloud synchronization and history.

Windows 10 Clipboard

This means that everything we copy in Windows 10 can be pasted on another device with Windows 10 thanks to that synchronization, and better yet, absolutely everything we copy stays in the clipboard history to paste anywhere and have at hand without having to copy again. Synchronization is optional, so you can copy everything only locally.

New Search Experience

The Windows 10 search engine integrated into the start menu also receives new features with this update. The search experience has been enhanced to offer instant results with much more information directly on the menu.

Search in windows 10

Previewing documents or online search results are some of the things you can expect to get now when you press CTRL + S and type something. And this is just the first batch of news, Microsoft plans to continue improving the search function in future versions.

New and Improved Notebook

Another classic tool that prepares to receive new life is nothing more and nothing less than the notebook, not only will it end up supporting Unix / Linux and Macintosh line endings, but it will have new functions.

Improved Notepad with Search with Bing feature

A system to find and replace words, automatic search field filling, zooming in text, new keyboard shortcuts, and finally the lines that do not enter the screen will be displayed correctly.

New Screenshot Tool

The Clippings tool, that Windows utility that has served for years to take screenshots and that most people do not use or even know exists, will be replaced with this Windows 10 update with a new and improved alternative.

The new tool will also replace the Windows Ink workspace to edit and draw on captures. Simply press the Windows key + Shift + S to select what we want to capture and open it in the new Screen Sketch app to edit and share the image.

Small Details but more than Welcome

Many other improvements and solutions to different problems will be arriving with this version. Things like that Task Manager will tell you exactly what processes your battery eats, or that the updates will be a little smarter and Windows 10 will stop restarting your PC at the worst time.

The Bluetooth menu will now show the battery of all the devices that are connected, for those who use tablets the Swiftkey keyboard will reach Windows 10, Microsoft Edge will receive a new dictionary function in reading mode, the space liberator says goodbye but is replaced for a much better tool, the storage sensor that will now do many more things than before.

It is an update similar in size and novelties to the previous ones, only that it will have some characteristics that the user will notice more easily and may feel larger.

So, these are some of the features and news of the upcoming latest Windows 10 Update which will be included in the 1809 October Windows update.