Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant : Easily Upgrade to Windows 10

Keeping an eye on Windows 10 updates is very important as they bring new features to the system and fix bugs found. That is why Microsoft provides several ways to install the latest versions of Windows. One of them is the Assistant program.

What is Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant for?

Windows Update Assistant is a small program that does not require installation. It automatically scans the system, detects the availability of available updates and offers them to the user, if, of course, they were found. After the latest versions are found, their download and installation will begin. The utility performs the entire process itself: the user only needs to start it and confirm the computer restart, which is necessary to complete the installation of updates.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

The application does almost the same thing as the “Update Center”, built into all versions of Windows. However, it has a different design and may work if the “Update Center” for some reason is not able to find or install new versions.

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Download application

The application is free, so you should download it only from the official Microsoft website. Please note that on this page two programs are presented: the Update Assistant tool for updating the installed Windows 10 and the program for switching from the previous OS version to “Windows 10”, located below. We are interested in the first option.

Download Update Assistant

Install Updates

To install updates, do the following:

  • After launching the application, confirm that you want to perform the update.
Update to the Latest version of Windows 10
  • Wait for the utility to verify that the computer is suitable for installing the latest version of Windows. You will receive a refusal only if the components of the PC do not meet the minimum requirements.
Waiting for Pc compatible
  • Download of updates will begin. The procedure can last more than an hour: its duration depends on the speed of the Internet. After all the files are downloaded, you will be prompted to restart the computer or to postpone its restart for a certain time.
Selecting a restart time in the "Upgrade to Windows 10 Assistant" window
  • When the restart is over, the updates will be successfully installed, and you will receive a notification from the program. On this her task is completed, delete it or put it off until the next time.
Successfully Install Updates Using the "Upgrade to Windows 10 Assistant"

Video: Using Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Removing the Windows 10 Upgrade Folder

After using the program on the C drive or in another system partition, the Windows 10 Upgrade folder will appear. It will store the files necessary for updating, and the application itself.

Windows 10 Upgrade folder can be deleted by uninstalling the program

If you are sure that you no longer need it, and you want to free up disk space, you can delete this folder by following these steps:

  • Expand Control Panel in your System.
  • Go to the “Uninstall a program” block.
  • Find the program Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant in the list and select it, and then click on the “Delete” button and confirm the action. After cleaning, the folder will disappear, but you may need to restart the computer.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is a handy program that replaces Update Center when you need it. It is free, it can be used many times, and when the need for it disappears, it can be removed. For more Updates on Windows 10, Follow our Windows Call Blog