Join the Windows Insider Program

Join the Windows Insider Program

Do you want to be the first to experience the new, just released builds of the Windows 10 operating system? Below we will tell you what to do to Join the Windows Insider Program. At first, joining the Windows 10 Insider testing program was a bit problematic, accessible only to major Microsoft fans and the most dedicated developers. But when the final version of Windows 10 was released, joining a testing program and getting pre-builds became

Turn Tablet Mode On or Off

Turn tablet mode On/Off

Released in 2015, the 10th version of Windows delighted users with a new interesting Continuum function, which for the audience is called the “Tablet Mode”. In this article we will tell you what kind of function it is, what it is convenient for and what computers it is used for, as well as how to Turn Tablet Mode On or Off. What is Tablet Mode? Windows 10 provided us with two display options: desktop and

Turn off the Computer Remotely from another PC or Mobile

Turn off the Computer Remotely

If you are one of those who usually leave the computer on so that different downloads are carried out, executing certain processes or simply by carelessness, surely on more than one occasion you have considered how you could turn off a computer remotely, that is, without having than being at home or at work, from a distance. Next, we will show how to turn off a computer remotely from another computer or even from the mobile. Connecting

Get Started with Windows 10

Get Started with Windows 10

Regardless of whether you are using a new computer with Windows 10 or an older machine that has been recently upgraded, this lesson will show you the basics of working with this version of Windows (Getting Started with Windows 10). Note: This lesson will cover the use of Windows 10 on a desktop or laptop computer. If you are using a tablet computer with a touch screen, some of the instructions below will work a

Enable Hey Cortana on Windows 10

How to Enable Cortana in Windows 10

Many users, after installing Windows 10 on their computers, immediately rush to look for the very Cortana, about whom they are so much (and dreamed) since the first rumors about the future OS appeared. By the way, if someone else is not up to date, then Cortana is the so-called personal voice assistant, in many ways similar to Apple-like Siri, but only for Windows computers, that too in English Language only. Nevertheless, Cortana can do a lot:

Pin Apps to the Taskbar

Pin Apps to the Taskbar in Windows 10

In this article, I will show you How to Pin an App to the Taskbar ( Including Folders, Programs, and Applications ) Easily. How to Pin Anything to the Taskbar Easily When we are frequent users of Windows, it is very important to have a quick and reliable way to access the programs or folders that we use most frequently, since this saves us time and considerably stimulates our work rhythm. Pin to Taskbar Run

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant : Easily Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Keeping an eye on Windows 10 updates is very important as they bring new features to the system and fix bugs found. That is why Microsoft provides several ways to install the latest versions of Windows. One of them is the Assistant program. What is Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant for? Windows Update Assistant is a small program that does not require installation. It automatically scans the system, detects the availability of available updates and offers